Environment Awards

Awardees are chosen by a panel of MCL directors, members and staff and the awards are given each April at the Annual Dinner.

The Peter Behr Lifetime Achievement Award
The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership

The Ted Wellman Water Award
The John M. McPhail, Jr. Green Business Award
The Youth Award for Environmental Leadership
The Award for Environmental Stewardship
The Marin Conservation League Volunteer Award
The MCL Special Award for Environmental Achievement

The recipients of the Marin Conservation League 2014 Awards for Environmental Achievement, which were given at the MCL Annual Dinner and Meeting on April 11, 2014, are:

The Peter Behr Lifetime Achievement Award

Jean Berensmeier, for her years of energetic leadership and dedication to preserving and protecting open spaces and biological diversity in Marin County and for introducing generations of children to the wonders of the natural world.

Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership

Mike Swezy, for leading the team effort to secure collaborative long-term care for the lands and watersheds of Mt Tamalpais.

Ted Wellman Water Award

Gallinas Watershed Council for working tirelessly towards conservation and restoration of the Gallinas Creek Watershed and its mission to connect the people who live and work in Las Gallinas Valley with their creek and watershed. 

John M. McPhail, Jr. Green Business Award

Nancy Scolari, for her work as the Executive Director of the Marin Resource Conservation District, bringing together diverse stakeholders to design and implement numerous progressive conservation projects on Marin County ranches.

Award for Environmental Stewardship

Jolon Timms,for his passionate commitment to environmental justice and his intertwining of environmental action with everyday life.

Volunteer Award

Ann Thomas, a dedicated volunteer in all environmental affairs in Marin County, from wetlands to watersheds and beyond.

Special Award for Environmental Achievement

Kelly + Yamamoto Productions for exceptional achievement in writing, directing, and producing the brilliant documentary film, "Rebels with a Cause."

The Peter Behr Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a person whose lifetime achievements reflect exemplary standards for preservation and protection of Marin’s natural assets. The award is named for Peter Behr, city councilman, county supervisor and state senator, in honor of his legacy of service.

2013 Bob BernerBarbara Garfien and Bob Berner

2012 Peter Douglas

2011 Wilma Follette

2010 Skip Schwartz

2009 Harold Gilliam

2008 Clem Shute

2007 Amy Meyer

2006 Edgar Wayburn Family

2005 Byron Sher

2004 Gerald Meral

2003 Ellen Straus (posthumous)

2002 Jean Starkweather

2001 Jane Mills

2000 Kay Holbrook

1999 Elizabeth Terwilliger

1998 Salem Rice

1997 Peter Behr

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The John M. McPhail, Jr. Green Business Award is awarded to a business in Marin which exemplifies environmental sensitivity in business, and which has supported and improved communication between the business and environmental communities.

2013 Tamalpais Community Services District

2012 Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc.

2011 Chileno Valley Ranch

2010 Muir Woods Trading Company

2009 Dominican University Green MBA

2008 Marin Farmers Market

2007 Ken Kutzig‑iReuse

2006 Greg Snowden‑Green Fusion Design

2005 Peter Martinelli

2004 Steve McNamara‑The Pacific Sun

2003 Alex Hinds and the Marin County Community Development Agency

2002 Birkenstock

2001 No award given

2000 Sim VanderRyn

1999 No award given

1998 Gardeners’ Guild

1997 Straus Family Creamery

1996 City of San Rafael and Samuelson, Hornaday, Schafer

1995 No award given

1994 Larry E. Rosenberger‑Fair, Isaac

1993 Joe and Patty Garbarino‑Marin Recycling

1992 Mill Valley Market

1991 Jack McPhail

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The Youth Award for Environmental Leadership recognizes Marin high school or college students who have made significant contributions to the community by seeking innovative solutions to environmental problems and issues.

2013 No award given
2012 Eli Grinberg and Willa Murphy, Sir Francis Drake High School
2011 No award given

2010 Emma Feshbach, San Domenico School

2009 Carly Wertheim, Redwood High School

2008 Max Perrey, Tamalpais High School

2007 Mika Kie Weissbuch, Steve Whitlock

2006 Roxanne Hulme

2005 Natalie Pellolio, Zack Ruskin

2004 Rachel DeWitt, Kimberly Smith

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The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership is awarded annually to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding contributions toward preserving and protecting the natural assets of Marin County.

2013 Marge Macris

2012 Harry Seraydarian

2011 Marla Lafer

2010 Inka Benton

2009 Bob Berner, Executive Director, Marin Agricultural Land Trust

2008 Sustainability Team, Marin County Community Development Agency

2007 Jonathan Braun

2006 Neysa King, Tomales Bay Watershed Council

2005 Frances Brigmann

2004 Gordon Bennett

2003 Barbara Salzman, Chair, Marin Baylands Advocate

2002 Jean Berensmeier

2001 Larry Smith

2000 Terri Nevins

1999 Dee Welte

1998 Jean Starkweather

1997 Warner Ridge Coalition and Tamalpais Conservation Club

1996 Brian O’Neill

1995 Barbara Salzman

1994 Marin Conservation Corps

1993 Susan Stompe

1992 Community Marin Task Force

1991 Elizabeth Terwilliger

1990 Phyllis Faber

1989 Katherine H. Holbrook

1988 Pierre Joske

1987 Gloria Duncan

1986 Peter Behr

1985 Ted Wellman

1984 Emme Gilman

1983 Bob Raab

1982 Grace Wellman

1981 Gordon Strawbridge

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The Marin Conservation League Volunteer Award honors one or more volunteers who have generously shared their time and talent to help realize the MCL’s mission

2013 Barbara Ford

2012 Nona Dennis

2011 Roger Roberts

2010 Karen Nygren

2009 Susan Stompe

2008 Jana Haehl

2007 Ken Drexler

2006 Linda Novy

2005 Gil Thomson (posthumous)

2004 Don Wilhelm

2003 Don Dickenson

2002 David Coury

2001 Kathy Lowrey

2000 St. Vincent/Silveira Task Force

1999 David Schonbrunn

1998 Judith McClarin, Anita Franzi

1997 John Starkweather

1996 Roger Hooper

1995 Eric Mohr

1994 Barbara Farley

1993 Alex MacMillan

1992 Doris Lindfors

1991 Jim Canepa

1990 Ken Drexler

1989 Larry Smith

1988 Katherine H. Holbrook

1987 Collie Kimball

1986 Newt and Nancy Wise

1985 Cliff Shireman

1984 Frank Montcrief

1983 Willa Marten

1982 Clarice Ball

1981 Megan Mery

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The Ted Wellman Water Award is presented to an awardee who maintains Ted Wellman’s high standards for protecting and preserving water resources in Marin and the State.

2013 PRBO Conservation Science

2012 Trout Unlimited North Bay Chapter

2011 Cynthia Koehler

2010 The Giacomini Wetlands Restoration Project at the Point Reyes National Seashore

2009 The Volunteers of the Bay-Friendly Garden Walk

2008 Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN)

2007 Sandy Guldman

2006 William Kier

2005 Byron Leydecker

2004 Priscilla Bull

2003 Liz Lewis, Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPP)

2002 Jared Huffman, Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD)

2001 Pegi Knopp Sobey

2000 No award given

1999 Friends of Corte Madera Creek

1998 Marin County Resource Conservation District

1997 Marty Griffin

1996 Bob Raab

1995 William T. Davoren

1994 Martha Davis

1993 Congressman George Miller

1992 Steve Kinsey

1991 Ike Livermore

1990 Pamela Lloyd

1989 Planning and Conservation League

1988 Peter H. Behr – Wild and Scenic Rivers

1987 Assemblyman Phil Isenberg

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Award for Environmental Stewardship
This award was established in 2014 and is given to an individual or organization who exemplifies the principle of turning environmental awareness into action.
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The MCL Special Award for Environmental Achievement was given in 2011 to Supervisor Hal Brown, Jr., for his extraordinary commitment to the environment during his 28 years of service on Marin County's Board of Supervisors.


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