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May/June 2012                                                                                               



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Ed Ueber: "Polychaetes Don't Vote! The politics of ocean protection." Business-Environment Breakfast, Thursday, May 17, 7:30 am

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Local Coastal Plan, San Rafael Airport Rec Facility, Grady Ranch

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nl12c_ptreyes_grace2012 - A year for anniversaries

2012 is a record year to celebrate significant anniversaries in the history of all four land management agencies in Marin—National Park Service, California State Parks, Marin Municipal Water District, and Marin County Parks—as well as the history of Tamalpais Conservation Club, Marin’s oldest conservation association. Events to commemorate their centennial or decade anniversaries are scheduled throughout the year.  Read more>>

Marin Clean Energy Rolls Out

Marin Clean Energy, Marin’s unique green electricity option, is now expanding to include all households and businesses in Marin County. To date, only about 15,000 customers have been able to join MCE as it conducted a conservative “walk before we run” phased introduction. This April, however, the first of five mailings went out to the remaining 80,000 customers in the county announcing that, unless they opt-out and choose to stay with PG&E, their electricity will be supplied by MCE starting in July. Read more>>

Illicit marijuana planting damages MMWD watershed lands

Just 950 feet from the Bolinas Ridge Fire Road—a mere three-minute walk—Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) rangers found the evidence of yet another illicit marijuana planting on the watershed. What might an unsuspecting hiker or biker, straying from the well-used fire road, be likely to encounter? Read more>>


2012 Annual Dinner Recap

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Willa Murphy and Eli Grinberg of Sir Francis Drake High school were recipients of the MCL Youth Award for Environmental Achievement.

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